Black Friday - Record Store Day 2017 @ Dr. Freecloud's Record Shoppe

Friday November 24th, 2017 is Black Friday - Record Store Day!

All our orders have been arriving daily here with several boxes so far filled with those exclusive and sought after records you want. We encourage everyone who plans to participate in Black Friday Record Store Day to look at the full release list and print it out, circle the records you are hunting for and come early to Dr. Freecloud's and get those records into your collection. If you are curious on what records we got in already from this list, just call the shop at (657) 888-4695 or go to our Instagram page and see snapshots of the records we got in so far.

Besides all those exclusive records we will be having a giant 50¢ used vinyl sale. There's over 6,000 records to dig through covering all music genres. Also we will have open turntables for those vinyl DJ's to spin during this special day, so either call the shop to tell us you want to play or just drop by. We will continue the tradition of FREE Donuts and those will be available while they last.

Here's the direct link to all those exclusive records:
Record Store Day Black Friday (list)